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Do you want to download free mobile content? If that’s true, you might take a look at This website offers tons of games, themes, and wallpapers you can download for free. You can also search for free music downloads and download videos too. Animations are also included, which adds another appealing option for downloading free content to your cell phone.You must visit the site from your mobile phone directly to be able to get all this content to your device. There is no way of passing the files from your computer to your phone because the site is directly designed for mobiles.

The good thing about is that it works on non tactile phones as well as in smart phones. If you use an older mobile with keyboard controls you won’t be left out of Zamob‘s services, and this is useful for people who have not yet taken the step to get a smart phone. Although these ones have exploded and are covering more and more market every day, it is a valuable effort on the website’s part to include any type of phone.

If you visit on a computer, you will see a very simple page just telling you what type of content is available, but no other feature. That is why you must enter directly from your mobile phone to get the full service of the webpage.

The website is written in Spanish, but it is not that hard to find your way around it if you give it a try. Besides, the menu you will see from your mobile when you visit the site will not have too much text on it. Just stop by and start getting all the free downloads you want to your mobile phone.

and start getting all the free downloads you want to your mobile phone. In Their Own Words

Free games, real music and real tones.

Why It Might Be A Killer is a website for mobile phones which works on smart phones and also on older models of mobiles using keyboards.

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