Ypte.org.uk – Young People’s Trust for the Environment

Ypte.org.ukYoung People Trust For the Environment is a charity that provides free environmental services and information for young people. The aim of the organization is to encourage young people’s understanding of the environment, which is very important nowadays, as the climate change is such an important issue for all of us.

The services the Trust provides includes environmental talks in schools, information service, free membership for schools residential courses and holidays, environmental competitions and so much more. if you would like to learn more about the organization, you should definitely visit the site and find all the information you are looking for. On the page, you will also find information on how to recycle, make paper, nest boxes and so much more. If you are interested in the services offered, and would like to contribute to the organization’s cause, find out how you can do so on the site. Ypte.org.uk