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YourDictionaries.comBrought to you by the publishers of Larousse, Harrap’s and Vox encyclopedias and other reference works, is a search engine, a point of reference for users of the Spanish language in the internet.

Being currently ranked among the top listed sites in almost every important search engine, this site has placed some of the most important Spanish language reference works at the disposal of Internet users all over the world. Displaying translators and definitions, as well as synonyms, Phrasal Verbs, plain Verbs, and more, con give you a meaning or a translation into 7 different languages, it can be found in English, Spanish, French, Catalan, Italian, Polish and German, helping its user to write in any language. Originally, this website was thought out in Spanish, so you will find that out of almost all the information you may find on it, shows more details in the Spanish searches. also offers a place where the user can shop for books, mainly dictionaries and such; as well as a shop and a Free Trial for its users. Combining a simple design and layout and an easy to use format, is the place to go in the search for the meaning of a Word.