YMCAStLouis.org – YMCA Of Greater Saint Louis

YMCAStLouis.orgThis is the website of the YMCA or Young Men Christian Association from Saint Louis. All the YMCAs share the same mission regardless its location.

The mission is to put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind, and body for all. You can browse the site and learn more about Saint Louis YMCA activities and programs by its categories located at the top of the homepage. The categories are: Weather Closing, Membership, and Programs and Services. Belonging to the YMCA will strengthen much more than your body. As you exercise and relieve stress your spirit will soar. The time you spend with your family at the Y will create bonds to last a lifetime. And when you build relationships with your neighbors through YMCA programs and events, the entire community benefit. Its facilities provide community gathering and recreational areas, as well as fitness centers, swimming pools and childcare facilities. YMCAStLouis.org