Yimmiy.com – Search The Web In An Indexed Way

Yimmiy.comYimmiy is a brand-new search tool. It doesn’t necessarily provide a radically different experience from what we are used to expect from sites like Google or Bing, but it is practical in its very own way.

Essentially, the site will enable you to carry a search for any kind of data, and have the results indexed by color for easier reference. That is, you have to check the relevant box from the ones reading “Web”, “Images”, “Videos”, “News”, “RSS” and “18+” and each of these categories has a color associated to it by default. The results will consequently be indexed for easier reference.

The above means that on this site you will be able to sift through search results in a different way – I don’t know if calling it a “better” search engine is warranted. Probably not. It will be more or less supple according to each user, and I advice you to station your browser at www.yimmiy.com in order to give it a try yourself and determining where does its stand for you. I don’t think anybody would trade his favorite search engine for this, but having alternatives does never go amiss.

Yimmiy.com In Their Own Words

“Real time search! Index based search! Privacy assured!”

Why Yimmiy.com It Might Be A Killer

If you are looking for alternative ways to search the WWW, here you have a good one.

Some Questions About Yimmiy.com

What chances has it got of actually going places? Yimmiy.com