– Find Whatever You Are Looking For

Yesterdate.comHave you thought endlessly about that girl you kissed years ago at the club and wondered would have happened if you hadn’t lost her phone number? Perhaps you lost your key or your dog a few days ago and are desperately trying to figure out how to get them back? Yesterdate takes the “lost and found” idea generally found at the back of your favorite newspaper, adds cutting edge Google mapping and a sophisticated search engine to give you the tools you need to find whatever you are looking for. It works by allowing anyone to enter whatever they are looking for, followed by the category, a year and the location and then this data can be searched by anyone else.

So perhaps, that girl still wonders what might have been and because of your Yesterdate posting, she finds you and the rest as they say is history. In Their Own Words

“Yesterdate is a tool that lets you find what you are searching for or lets people find you, placing you in a certain place or time. Search the map by year for a sign of what you are looking for…a kiss, a person, your pet, a possession. Be found…place a marker on the map, your personal mark with a photo and text. Indicate a year so you can be found…Good luck!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is definitely an interesting idea that harnesses the increasingly social aspect of the internet to help people find what they are looking for. This could also become a great engine for missing children posts. It will be interesting to see how Yesterdate evolves, will it become more focused on hooking people up or at finding people’s missing pets?

Some Questions About

There are currently only 4 postings in the Yesterdate database making it currently a fun tool with little utility. Will people adopt Yesterdate as a means of finding things or will they use their existing social networks to find new loves and lost pets?