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YesMag.caTargeted for readers aged 9 to 14, YES Magazine is a Canadian print publication specializing in science for young learners and enthusiasts. By visiting the site, users will be able to take a look at selected highlights from past issues, take a look at the content table for the current number, subscribe for YES, or buy individual issues.

However, there’s lots of fun stuff to do online, for instance, the Brain Bumpers area addresses questions by the mag’s readers in different topics, and is updated frequently, so it’s definitely a great place to get hold of some cool facts (today I learned that whales vomit); if you rather a more practical approach and are looking for some fun projects to try at home, you’ll find lots of things to keep you busy and learning physics, biology, chemistry and other natural sciences too. Concerned about little things? Make sure you stop by at the ‘Bug Beat’ section to discover the world of small insects that crawl, fly and might bite too! If you happen to be interested less in science than in writing, take a second look before leaving the site, as it welcomes its readers to review books, videos and sites that have been featured on the magazine, and publishes those reviews, who are always very smart and articulately written by people under 14.