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Yebol.comThe past two months have done wonders for the field of search engines. Either the market is opening up and going above and beyond or some guy spread the word that it is a goose about to lay a golden egg of mythical proportions.

Any way or the other, we can not complain about the many services that have materialized – heavy-hitters like Wolfram Alpha and Bing spring instantly to mind.

If you have given these two a spin and failed to be satisfied, you might as well try this one out. Essentially, it aims to reproduce a human-like knowledge base that could lead to semantic results, and not a mere concatenation of pages or links that might not be that relevant at all.

This is accomplished through a combination of algorithms and human knowledge in order to create a specific directory not only for every query but also for each and every user. Search terms are categorized and clustered, and the same happens to sites and pages as a whole.

Ultimately, Yebol claims to let the user perform multi-dimensional searches instead of the one-dimensional processes that have traditionally characterized search engines. The way in which related results are displayed signals good things to come. Reviewing a search engine and giving examples is a bit tough since different people will look up things which are completely dissimilar. I suggest you pay it a visit and give it a baptism of fire with your own queries. In Their Own Words

“Yebol’s mission is to build human-like world’s knowledge base and provide knowledge based search (semantics) and services.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The ones looking for different search results are bound to try it out.

Some Questions About

How accurate are the results in general terms?