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Yangutu.comYangutu is a matchmaking site that promises to let you “seek out your lifetime soulmate” using a “science-based” method. It’s a bit easy to scoff at these expressions and claims, but it must be said that the site tries to do things differently by combining statistical data with both medical and psychological variables in order to present you with people who will have more than one or two points of connection with you.

The team behind Yangutu explains that it is all a matter of statistics. Nobody can guarantee you will be happy with this or that person by your side, but from a statistical point of view there are people that you will get on with better because you share some traits or experiences. That is the main tenet of Yangutu.

Still, the one and only true way you will have of determining how that translates into practice is by launching a search yourself. The information to be supplied will obviously include your gender, age and marital status along with your income and your education. Note that you can’t request to be matched with a person of your same sex, something that other sites like this one let you do.

Yangutu.com In Their Own Words

“Seek out your lifetime soulmate on Yangutu. We use a combination of statistical data, along with medical and psychological factors to form a unique matching algorithm, which helps people find a blissful long-term relationship or even marriage!”

Why Yangutu.com It Might Be A Killer

The premise is not bad, people are going to try it at least once to see how it fares.

Some Questions About Yangutu.com

In practice, how does Yangutu compare with other matchmaking sites? Yangutu.com