Yamusica.net – Live Music Close To Where You Are

Yamusica.netA startup whose name is in Spanish (it roughly translates into “Music Now”), this one will let you find all about bands that are playing live in your close vicinity. The site will look at your IP address and automatically show you what is going on without you having to input a single thing.

Of course, if you want to change the city because you are going to be somewhere else when a certain time arrives and you want to know what there is to do in that location you can do it easily.

As it is only suitable, the site will also enable you to execute searches by artist’s name. In that way, if you want to know when your favorite band is coming to town you will be capable of finding the answer to your questions right away.

The site might be a bit bereft of options for some people’s liking, but I think that makes it easier to navigate. I did wish there were a way to buy tickets online when I was using it, though. That would be a nice addition to the site, in my honest opinion.

Yamusica.net In Their Own Words

“Live music and concerts.”

Why Yamusica.net It Might Be A Killer

If you are looking for some live music in your town and you want to have a comprehensive overview, this will do for sure.

Some Questions About Yamusica.net

Will you be able to buy tickets through it anytime soon? Yamusica.net