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Xingtone.comCreate your own ringtones and sell the ringtones you have created. You can do it all, just by visiting Xingtone.

com, a site which provides a wealth of information on the subject. Operating on a worldwide scale, Xingtone is the easiest and strongest platform for delivery content, for all types of mobile devices. It offers customers a wide choice of possibilities in music, images, and videos, and is compatible with all open networks. The Ringtone Maker is not only fun, easy to use and quick, but it allows you to create an unlimited number of ringtones from your CDs, MP3s, and other audio sources. You can even record you own ringtone if you so desire, or share photos and produce voice-recorded ringtones. In the mStores section, the musician or audio-content owner can sell ringtones – so you are not only selling your ringtone, but also promoting your own music, and making money while doing so. Support is provided, and shows you how to run tests, check phone compatibility and the like.