www. pgharts.org – The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust

www. pgharts.orgThe Pittsburgh Cultural trust was formed by a group of arts and theater loving citizens of Pittsburgh. Back in nineteen eight four when the trust was first established, the once beautiful theatre district of Pittsburgh had become run down, derelict and dangerous.

The group planned to work hard, fund raise and then redevelop the fourteen block area into something the people of Pittsburgh would be proud of. When the project started there were only two theaters left open in the area, today thanks to the work of the trust, there are fourteen different cultural facilities, public parks and plazas and new and proposed cultural developments as well. If you visit there web site at www. pgharts.org you will find all the information you will need about this organization, as well as listings of events taking place in the theatre district and the addition of a convenient tool for buy event tickets online. www. pgharts.org