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www.tickle.comWant to learn which is your IQ? Want to know what type of personality you have? Or want to create your own quiz just for fun? Then check out this site. Tickle has been created with the purpose of allowing people to test themselves in any area that they want and at the same time meet people.


You can browse through a huge variety of tests organized in categories such as entertainment, PhDs, career, relationship, mind and body, teens, family, etc. All you have to do is register for free and you will have access to all of these tests, and also create any kind of test for your friends or for anyone. You can also create your profile where you can put something about yourself and any time you take a test it will appear on it, and at the same time it will show you people that have similar scores to yours so you can add them as your friends and leave messages in their profiles.


Author : Caroline Bright

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