www.Tagged.com – Make New Friends

www.Tagged.comTagged is a social network that has been created to fulfill the necessity of finding new friends. All you have to do is become a member and you will have access to messages, friends, and chat rooms where you can meet new people that share your interests or simply chat when you feel like it.

If you want, you can browse through pictures so you can see if you recognize anyone, and you can also filter your search by gender, age, country, location and ethnicity.

You can also check out some videos which you can search by most viewed, time, category and languages. If you want, you can also upload your own videos. In addition, Tagged also offers advertisers the opportunity to place their ads on the site, they offer different types and sizes, and they provide a list for potential channel sponsorship. Join a community where you can interact with new people and make friends from all over the world. Tagged.com is an important social network that has reached in 2008 the important amopunt of 70+ million registered users and over 2.5 billion page-views each month. Based on amazing and very entertaining features, Tagged.com, and many of the famous Social Networks we know, or even are part of, are having great succes in the internet business.

As users of these services enjoy themselves with great aplications, playing games against other friends, taking quizzes, and meeting people they’ve lost track of a long time ago, Social Networks get bigger and bigger each day, with thousands of users registering worldwide on a daily basis. Be part of Tagged.com and experience managing expressive custom profiles, fluid widget embedding, chat, integrated videos, and more.