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www.readingtarget.comPhonics is a system of leaning the basics of reading and is generally designed for children aged between four and six years. Its method teaches children to connect sounds with letters or groups of letters within words.

It teaches children to blend letter sounds together to create an approximate pronunciation of words that are unknown to them. Phonics as a teaching method does require its teacher to explain to the student the learning rules that are involved and is considered controversial by some educators. If you have a child or student that is struggling with there reading and would like to try using phonics with them, then you might like to check out the web site www.readingtarget.com. This well organized web site offers its visitors the chance to access some free resources that they can use for teaching reading using the phonics method. The site offers worksheets, reading tests, helpful hints and support links to its visitors. www.readingtarget.com