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www.MocoSpace.comNobody would deny that social networking has become one of the most visible faces of the internet. Mocospace.com is another social network which adds to the list, but with some different features. Mocospace is specifically designed for mobile devices, making it a “mobile social network”, which refers to the ones that where natively created for that kind of technology, as opposed to the ones which developed mobile applications but were born as web pages.

On Mocospace you can connect with people using mobile chats, instant messaging, photo and video sharing and web forums. It is an off deck site, which means that it is not part of the start up page of any mobile carrier, but a stand alone webpage which can be reached through any device with access to the internet.

Like in other social networks, with Moco you can personalize your profile with colors and backgrounds, add photographs, and get an inbox for sending and receiving messages. There are also many games for downloading, whether you are using iOS or Android. To get new games or add special apps developed by Moco you need to use Moco Gold, a virtual currency of which you can buy credit using Paypal or any credit card.

Taking into account the spanish speaking market in the US and in the rest of the world, Moco has developed a version in Spanish, that can be accessed at the bottom of the page. To switch back to English you just need to click on the same option when using the “Moco Space Latino” version.

Facebook users can enter Moco with their account name and password from that social network, so it is not far-fetched to say that Mocospace.com is already available for almost every internet user.

www.MocoSpace.com In Their Own Words

Participate in as much of the site as you can. Talk to people in chat rooms, post in the forums, request friends, etc. This is a sure-fire way to generate interest in you and your profile.

Why www.MocoSpace.com It Might Be A Killer

The IInternet was never the same since the advent of social media, and Mocospace.com now gives mobile device users a chance to be part of it all.

Some Questions About www.MocoSpace.com

Does Mocospace.com plan to develop a complete web based version of the network? www.MocoSpace.com