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www.instappraisal.comImagine the scenario if you will. You have just been to the local second hand store to look for something nice to put your flowers in.

You find a vase for a couple of bucks and take it home to clean it up. Upon closer inspection you notice it has Ming Dynasty written on the bottom and you wonder what it might be worth. If you go to instappraisal.com you are sure to find out. This site is a place where collectors of all sorts of antiques share information and offer advice and appraisals to one another. All you would have to do is enter the information about your vase, upload a photo and then wait for the expert advice to come flooding back to you. As well as getting your free appraisal you can join the forums and groups and check out the extensive antique and collecting news. This site is a must for all collectors out there. www.instappraisal.com