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www.hotornot.comLooking for something fun to do on the internet? Want to fool around and rank people based on their looks? Then check out this site. Hotornot was created by 2 friends that were talking about how they had met a girl who was a perfect 10, giving way to the idea of the site to rank people.


The idea of this website is that people upload their picture and wait for people to rank them from 1 (not hot) to 10 (hot), and the ranking will appear above the picture. You can also narrow down your search by choosing to see women only, men and women, men only, and you can also choose the age range (18-25, 26-32, 33-40, and over 40). If you register for free you can also start meeting people that wish to do so. Hotornot has a Best Of section where you can just look at the people that has been ranked the highest in the last few days.


Author : Caroline Bright

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