www.ChoreWars.com – Make Your Chores and Gain Points

www.ChoreWars.comMaking house chores it’s not an easy task, but you will get the chance to make them more fun. That is way Chore Wars was created.

Once you join the game you get to choose an avatar and you’ll have to pick six natural talents which will be your chores that you excel at, such as gardening, paying bills, or dusting. From there, join an existing party or if you desire create your own and become Dungeon Master. As a dungeon master you will be able to set the adventure, picking a title, setting the max amount of XPs or points that can be won, writing a description, adding stats which define the nature of the adventure, such as strength level for physical chores, or wisdom level for the amount of smarts that each task requires, adding monsters and treasures, and finally you can also indicate the adventure status. In addition, if you want to get even more features that you alredy have just put down $10 bucks and you’ll be upgraded to a Gold account. www.ChoreWars.com