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www.BrotherSoft.comWhat uses would computers have today if the Internet had never existed? Websites like make it really hard to imagine or remember it (if you are from a pre-internet era). Where would we get fun games, practical software and time saving applications for our machines? Fortunately today we can turn to the internet and look for what we need. excels as a provider of software, games, widgets, and mobile applications. The site offers seven different channels for downloading programs according to the operating system or device you use. The channels are Windows, Mac, Widgets, Mobile, Games, Drivers and WebApps from where a great bunch of subcategories will display and show you the type of software your are looking for.

In the games channel you will be able to browse by genre of your favourite kind of games, whereas Windows will offer you around 15 categories to get the best of your computer. These include Internet, Business, Desktop or System Utilities, Browsers, DVD & Video among many others. Something very similar will happen with the Mac channel, where you will find of course, a subcategory for iPod and iPhone products.

Each program, game, or other application you can download from the site has a brief description telling you about its main features, together with the specification if it has a freeware license or not. will give you new ways of enjoying your computer in ways you never imagined, by showing some software or games that will really surprise you. But, as their slogan claims, they are not only a downloading site. There is also a blog crowded with articles about the internet, software, etc, and a whole section of news on IT topics which will give you a complete insight on today’s technology driven world. In Their Own Words

BrotherSoft served the customers as one of the leading software download website worldwide since July 2002. Over 250,000 freeware and shareware are for free download.

Why It Might Be A Killer lets you turn your computer into something more powerful for free. You’ll find apps for everything on this site. And has also got lots of games for these times when you feel like relaxing a little.

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Wouldn?t a channel for Linux products help to make an 100% complete site?


Author : Mery Fisher

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