WunderWorks.com – Multi User Collaboration

WunderWorks.comWunderWorks TeamPlayer enables multiple users to work together on a single standard Windows computer. The software works with multiple mice and keyboards or other input devices in all existing software.

Laptops can also be hooked up to be used as input for the collaboration session. Not only can any participant join a session through mouse/keyboard or external laptop connection, but their participation can also be managed and logged where necessary.

Although PCs have become standard equipment in almost any environment, up until now only one person could work on a PC. Turning the desktop into a public space will bring true digital collaboration within reach.

Business meetings, educational sessions, and creative gatherings will all benefit from this solution. This is no longer about one person controlling the mouse and keyboard; anyone can work on the desktop at any time. You can even include your digital whiteboard as an input device. Parents can sit next to their child and together use the computer, simply by adding an extra mouse to the PC.

Enabling multiple people at the same time to work together, is drastically improving meeting effectiveness, knowledge transfer, and communication. The educational, business collaboration and webconferencing markets for multi-user collaboration are huge, and WunderWorks’ patents cover large parts of these markets.