– Get A Clue Of What You’re Going To See

WSHS.orgHave you visited the Washington State History Museum? Are you planning in visiting it? If you want to get a clue of what you are going to find in the Washington State History Museum then you should visit this site. In this site you will be able to get informed about the coming events of the museum and have a look at the exhibits.

Besides, you can also have a look at the online exhibits, where you will find pictures and films. All through the site you will find pictures of examples of the exhibits in the museum, and you can get information about directions and opening and closing hours. An “education” section is available online in case you’d like to read about Washington’s history or plan any educational tour for the children. If you want to join then you can do so, or you can donate or support the society. A contact section is available in the site in case you have any questions or doubts you would like to clear. Visit and start planning your tour.