Wrcase.com – High quality cutlery

Wrcase.comW.R Case & Sons is a company that has its origins in 1889, when William Russell began to design his own knives.

The company, nowadays, is extremely committed to the creation of high quality products. Usually, in the creation process of a knife, there are 125 pairs of hands involved. At the present time, Case Knives are exclusively sold through a national dealer network. Case produces one catalogue per year; if you are interested in receiving it, the website provides you with a phone number where you can call and order your catalogue. If you are a knife fan, you can become a member of one of the largest collectors association. You can fill an online application, or contact the association by phone. The cost of the annual membership is $15 (US dollars), and the cost of the lifetime membership is $150 (US dollars). To find out the benefits of becoming a member of this club, you should visit Wrcase.com. Wrcase.com