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WorldCoinGallery.ComWorldCoinGallery.Com is a website that offers the largest collection of full color coin images in the world.

The gallery includes more than 25,000 coin photos from 450 states/countries. In order to enter to the gallery, all you have to do is choose a country from the menu box at the homepage, to view listings, photos, and coin values. For example you choose United States of America and you will access to a list with all the coin types for that country. All you have to do is click on each type to view images. You will find the ½ Cent, Large Cent, Small Cent, Two and Three Cents, Half Dime, Five Cents, Ten Cents (dime), Twenty Cents, Quarter Dollar, Half Dollar, One Dollar, and lot more. You can also click on the link provided at the United States’ page, to view early commemorative designs. If you enjoy the website, you can consider making a donation, so they can make the gallery more complete. WorldCoinGallery.Com