– Learn about the World’s Biomes

Worldbiomes.comHave you ever stopped to think what our world’s biomes are? How many are there and how can you distinguish which ones which and why? selected 5 of the major biomes in our world so that the reader can take a better understanding on their features and what distinguishes one from the other.

5 of the sections in this site are named a different biome; aquatic, tundra, desert, forest and grasslands. Each of these sections contains specific information about each biome, where it explains where they are located, their geographical descriptions and the different type of sub groups that we can find in each biome. There is also a map showing the different world biomes and also pictures with images of each of them. Apart from this, we can also find in this site an eco-news section, providing the latest news and articles on the subject, and feedback, where discussion or exchange of ideas can be made by students or the general reader.