Wonderword.com – Free Puzzle Site

If you are a puzzle enthusiast, you need to pay this site a visit. Here you will be able to find a wide ranging catalog to choose from and play many hours.

It is affirmed in the site that it is different from other word puzzle sites, as they do not just offer hundreds of puzzles to download. They say that the reason for this page is to solve the doubts of the fans about how the wonderwords are made, the people who do them and many other things. This affirmation corresponds with the section you will find in the menu, like About Wonderword,Making of a Wonderword, Wonderword Philosophy and Meet the Staff.

However this doesn’t mean that the site doesn’t have any actual puzzles to entertain you. The site provides an archive puzzle every Monday and Friday. And you can also order books and other products by entering the Wonderword Boutique.

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