WMU.com – Women’s Missionary Union

WMU.comAre you a Christian? Would you like to find out more about the work of Christian Ministries from within the United States? The WMU or Women’s Missionary Union works from its head quarters in Birmingham, Alabama; it is an auxiliary of the Southern Baptist Convention. This Mission was founded in eighteen eighty eight and is still very active today trying to educate adults, youths and children about the mission of God.

The Women’s Missionary Union is a non profit organization that offers many ideas through conferences, successful ministry models and volunteer opportunities. They also offer training and literature to anyone interested in there wok. The web site is well designed, it explain about how the mission works, and whet there roll is. It also gives it readers news and information on events, access to the different resources available, a link to different volunteer and Women’s Missionary Union information and organizations WMU.com