WisVacations.com – Wisconsin Vacation Destinations

WisVacations.comWhoever said that directories are old fashioned and useless is operating under a misconception: themed directories are actually popping up all over the place (Alexa is building it’s with the help of its users) and they are very useful (take a look at Mahalo, for instance). Granted that WisVacations.

com is as far away from Mahalo as we are from cracking the mystery of whether hens or eggs came first, but it performs basically the same functions: you can use it to search for accommodation facilities in different segments ranging from campgrounds and Bed & Breakfasts to private rentals and hotels, and you’ll get links to the sites for each facility, plus you can search interactive maps as well. I was excited to see that users can look up accommodation by area or by category, which in turn makes it a great resource if you’re hosting a wedding or event in a remote location and want to give your guests some accommodation options. There are several points of improvement for WisVacations.com: one of them is clearly web 2.0 and design, which needs to be upgraded to make the site’s useful contents attractive and appealing. The former needs to be serviced by allowing users at least to send links of interest to other people, and preferably to be able to send several links in one email. It would be wonderful to get a line or two on the kind of service and interest of certain accommodation, and to get some form of highlight to make it easier for non-locals to get around in the site. WisVacations.com