WikiAudio – Encyclopedia for Everything Audio

WikiAudioWikiAudio is a new addition to the Wikipedia family, allowing you to access and share information relating to the science and art of anything sound related. Once you register, you can use this virtual encyclopedia to create or modify educational information about music and its production, though its not necessary to sign up in order to browse WikiAudio´s many features.

It´s purpose is not to introduce the listener to new songs and artists, but rather to create a forum for educated music lovers and performers. One can learn about new recording techniques and the latest in production software. Like other Wikipedia forums, WikiAudio serves as a networking defice as well, allowing music enthusiasts to share information among each other, educating themselves in the process.

WikiAudio In Their Own Words

¨The purpose of Wikiaudio is to be an easily accessible user created database of information pertaining to the art and science of anything audio or sound related. To contribute you must first register. After you register you will be able to edit the Wiki. You will also have access to your own personal customizable profile page, be given your own blog, and be able to post in the the forums . You will also be able to upload audio, video and other media. We encourage Artists to sign up and participate.¨

Why WikiAudio It Might Be A Killer

While there are many popular sites pertaining to music (, iLike, MySpace), WikiAudio stands out as a site devoted purely to the education of everything music. The science of audio is explored within a source that allows the viewer control over editing and creating articles devoted entirely to the process of learning. There are also tutorials and forums available where veterans are encouraged to teach novices all about the production of music. While WikiAudio goes in another direction away from the education of artists and songs, it would be killer to have a link to the performers who demonstrate each newly learned technique. Thus, the reader can connect the information to a listening download and visualize everything more clearly.

Some Questions About WikiAudio

How can WikiAudio incorporate audio downloads availble to the viewers? Is there a place for WikiAudio to have a basic glossary of the technical vocabulary, making the site more accessible for novices as well? With other sites also devoted to learning about technical issues in music, how can WikiAudio compete for the online audience? WikiAudio