Wideanglesoftware.com – Software Applications Developer

Wideanglesoftware.comWide Angle Software is a software applications developer who’s main target is to create easy to use, good looking, and widely used software. Among their products you can find programs such as Touch Copy, which enables you to transfer music, videos, pictures and more from your IPod (also available for IPod touch and IPhone) to Itunes.

Or IRenew, that scans your IPod for music you may have deleted and restores it safely back to your PC. Finally, there’s Quivcis, ideal for all the millions of YouTube fans. This software allows you to download videos and play them back at your PC, cell phone, IPod, etc. On their website you can download all their products for a 30 day free trial period and also buy their licenses online and order a CD, delivered to your door. All their software comes in English, Spanish and French and a 30 days money back period. Wideanglesoftware.com