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WhyWaitForBooks.comWhen your college term begins and you have to start reading up and delivering papers at a mind-blowing pace, hunting for your textbooks can be very time consuming. Also, going from one bookshop to another to find your must-reads for each course, doesn’t guarantee complete success. is a great service that allows users to order a complete list of textbooks for their courses in just a couple of clicks.

Here’s how it works: you have to select your state and college, and then you need to indicate the course you are taking. A complete list of the required reading materials pops up, so you can choose what books you’d like to get and provide the payment and delivery details. The stuff will be at your dorm or home a couple of days later.

Since the list of materials is provided by your teacher, you are always sure that the stuff you are getting is exactly what you’ll be needing. The site also sells used books, so you can save some bucks that way too. is available only for some colleges in some states, but hopefully the service will expand so that every college can offer this very convenient service for its students. In Their Own Words

Your college bookstore finder.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Every possible need of college students is solved in the site. will certainly find its way to be a successful site if only because the college demographic is one of the three main buying forces in the US.

Some Questions About

When will the website cover service for all states? Will we ever see a version for iPhone or iPad?


What once was is now under the URL The reason is that the website added new services which will make you save even more time in your school related shopping. Apart from text books (which can also be rented besides being bought new or used), the site offers quite a variety of products, such as apparel, school supplies, which includes from backpacks to frames for hanging your diplomas on the wall; room accessories, electronics, and even “on the go snacks”.


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