WhitmanBooks.com – Coin and Stamp Collecting

WhitmanBooks.comIf you love collecting coins or stamps Whitman has all you’ll need. Whitman Publishing has a large selection of literature on coin collecting, coin reference material, albums, kits, as well as stamp supplies, collectible stamps, and more.

The site has a Featured Products section which showcases selected books or other items of interest to collectors as well as an Upcoming Books section where visitors can view the books that will be published in the coming future. The site also has Guest Column where every month a guest writer offers his or her opinions on books, conferences, and other matters relating to coin or stamp collecting. The Publisher’s Column contains information on different aspects of collecting. The site also features a link to the Whitman Coin and Collectible Convention site where avid collectors can find information on auctions, and conventions. Those interested in finding more about the company itself have access to information on Whitman Publishing in the History section of the website. WhitmanBooks.com