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WhatTheyPlay.comMost gamers know that some of the stuff coming out today is not for everyone. While GTA is a really fun gaming, robbing hookers is something that little kids shouldn’t do in a game (or real life, for that matter).


Over at, concerned parents have a place to read game reviews for today’s most popular consoles. This will allow them to know beforehand what content is in each game their children are asking them to buy. The games are categorized by console, so all you have to do is pick out the system your kid has and start finding games that are age appropriate. If you have a girl gamer in your home, you’ll find a whole section of the site dedicated to the games they’ll love. While videogames are a traditionally male pastime, these games are looking to change that. Membership is free, and with it you’ll get updates on the site’s content, without having to go back to it every time your kid asks you for a new videogame. In Their Own Words

“What They Play, is the parents guide to video games. As the most comprehensive resource of its kind, What They Play provides parents with expert insight into the themes and content of hundreds of today’s most popular interactive entertainment products.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It’s great for parents to have a place to learn about what their kids are playing. The site’s reviews are very well written and provide parents with key decision-making tools.

Some Questions About

Why stop kids from playing certain videogames? Shouldn’t they be alright as long as their parents explain to them that games are not real?


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