WhatIsProcess.com – Your Guide To The Inside


Do you want to know exactly what is going on with your computer when you are using it? Is this something you need to learn about for any particular reason? This is the site where you will find all the answers you need in order to learn more about your computer’s functioning.


com details all the processes that run on your computer, from safe processes installed with new software to the dangerous processes that are associated with viruses and Trojans.

WhatIsProcess.com will give you the opportunity to comment on individual processes. The way this system works is extremely easy and simple. The site also allows visitors to rate processes based on their perceived security threat.

This site is very clear when it comes to explaining all these processes as well as to giving you all the data you need in order to make sure that your computer is working properly. There are different sections where you can check the latest comments about the latest processes, as well as the most viewed and commented contributions. If you are interested in adding or editing a process this is the site you should take a look at. WhatIsProcess.com