WhatDoYouSuggest.net – Search Online With A Difference

WhatDoYouSuggest.netWhat Do You Suggest is a new language experiment that aims to use data from Google in order to recommend things that users could enjoy doing, based on the keyword(s) that they have suggested at the start of the process.

For example, if you type in “England Travel” on the provided search box you will be presented with relevant concepts in the shape of branches that come out of the search string.

In this particular case, I was presented with “Planner”, “Tours”, “Tips” and “Packages”.

Besides, the search itself can be launched in three other ways: “Word”, “Letter” and “Question” (along the lines of “What you…?”)

The inspiration behind the site, then, is analyzing how people employ language in order to search the Internet, and use the knowledge that it mines in order to try and develop search technology beyond its current point. I don’t know how far it can eventually go, and if it will ever become more than a mere curiosity for most people out there. But it is always absorbing to see the relationship between search terms and results, especially if you are a language professional.

WhatDoYouSuggest.net In Their Own Words

“What do you suggest?”

Why WhatDoYouSuggest.net It Might Be A Killer

I like the way concepts and its ramification are set down and explored on the site.

Some Questions About WhatDoYouSuggest.net

How useful will this be for average users? WhatDoYouSuggest.net