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WF-F.orgFor women with strong religious values and devotion and uphold the teachings of the Catholic Church, please consider this website’s content. Women for Faith and Family prides to assist orthodox Catholic women in their constant effort to provide witness to their faith, both to their families and to the rest of the world.

They struggle themselves to aid women in their never ending efforts to deepen their understanding of the Catholic Faith and in their desire for fellowship with other believers who share their faith and devotional commitment. Consider this website a real channel through which questions from Catholic women seeking guidance or information can be properly answered, attended or directed. was originally formed to assist in distribution of the Affirmation, a statement circulation to reproduce the Catholic affirmation and to help collect signatures. This website’s main goal is to foster greater communication among faithful women and to be helpful communicating their concerns to the top leader of the Church. For all those women seeking for faith and truth this website should be a must-read to start your search and share your values with others who might be on the same search.