WeSay.com – Your news. Your photos. Your voice.

WeSay.comWeSay.com is an online news site that features news photographs from both mainstream media and amateur photographers.

The site has channels for News, Politics, Environment, Sports, Celebs, and Far-out.

Photographers can become members for free and set up a personal profile page and gallery showing their photos. The WeSay.com photo editors check the member galleries and work with members to display their news photos on the homepage in the ‘Hero’ shot or in the Member Gallery section.

The site also includes photo tips on various subjects including how to become a citizen photojournalist, guest columns, editorial cartoons, and topics of the day. There are 700 million camera cell phones and with camera digital technology it has become easier than ever to capture and share images.

This technology creates an incredible number of eyewitnesses to today’s events. People now have the power to record the events they see, which empowers them to have a say in today’s news. While many news sites request user photos, WeSay.com prominently displays citizen photos on the homepage in several places.