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WeboWord.comThis website belongs to an organization that is a Global pioneer in Visual Vocabulary through its innovative, hand-crafted pictures

Vocabulary has been traditionally learned via long Word-lists and boring Flash cards. WeboWord was created to bring a change with the way anyone and everyone learns Vocab.

WeboWord’s vocabulary strengthens a word in the mind of the reader, just not through the picture, but also the context that one can see emerging out of the situation. This learning mode has proven to hold immense power, but wasn’t easily usable (until WeboWord came by).

Picture dictionaries only limit themselves to nouns or words that can be depicted with real-life photographs. They do not look into into verbs, adjectives and adverbs which are the core of Vocabulary. However, WeboWord does that and more.

Upcoming products from WeboWord are specific sets of Vocabulary for exam takers of GRE, SAT, CAT, etc and also working towards Vocab development for Professionals via a LinkedIn group available through http://power.weboword.com

WeboWord has more than one thousand of following people from diverse backgrounds across the world in less than two months. WeboWord is a human connecting tool that is created with words through the simple, sticky pictures. WeboWord.com