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Webcallwaiting.comWith webcallwaiting.com users will stop missing calls while online.

This little program alerts users when they receive a call and shows them who is calling. Users will decide whether to take the call on their home phone, transfer this call to their cell phone or any other phone number without disconnecting from the Internet. And best of all, there is an add on called Callwave which will take the message and works with your present phone line. Want to know more about this company? This company uses the voice over IP (internet protocol) technology. It is the leader in enhanced telecommunications services for small business and households. It only requires simple software and no hardware needed. Within minutes you will be able to have online caller ID, voice mail, online call waiting, local private fax number and local voice number among others. Users won’t have any more trouble while being in their computer. Webcallwaiting.com does it all for you! Webcallwaiting.com