WearYourCity.com – Customized Hometown Shirts

WearYourCity.comWearYourCity.com is a not only a ground breaking website and company, it is a movement that is going to be around for a while.

Besides family and friends, what is the most influential part of ones life? The place where they grew up! Now you don’t have to be from NY or L.A. to find a T-shirt that lets you show your love for your hometown. WYC is a unique website that allows customers to come to the site, choose one of more than 65 quality designs, and customize it to their city, wherever in the world that may be. WearYourCity has been getting major attention worldwide and throughout the Hip Hop community over the past few months. The site was relaunched in May and has been rolling with a full head of steam since. Unlike most clothing websites, this site is able to connect with almost everyone that sees it. No matter where somebody is from, WearYourCity has a shirt specifically for them. Now you don’t have to settle for an “I Love NY” shirt, you can wear an “I Love Kooskia, Idaho” shirt if that’s where you are from. WearYourCity.com ships internationally and welcomes customers from all over the world. The site has been seeing almost as many international orders as domestic. Everyone is from somewhere and everyone loves their hometown and thinks it is the best place in the world. So join the rest of the world and start representing your city. WearYourCity.com