WashJeff.edu – Washington and Jefferson College

WashJeff.eduWashington and Jefferson College is a four-year liberal arts college in Washington, Pennsylvania, and WashJeff.edu is not only its online home, but a role model for what university’s sites should be like in these times.

Other than the rather obvious institutional information (academic catalogue, directory of staff and alumni, financial matters, etc.), interesting work by students and teachers can be watched online: a variety of wikis, blogs and social events photo galleries are the most effective way to better understand what life, work and study in this college are all about. A virtual tour is also available, and it consists of a slideshow where you can take a look at campus vistas and learn what a usual day is all about. Take a look at the athletics section to learn results for all teams, download images and meet the coaching staff; though very interesting, it could be useful to add RSS subscriptions features to this bit of the site to allow students and fans to be updated with the latest sports news. The academic area is not too appealing, especially if compared to other sites, who present highlights to interesting and strange courses of interest for each major/minor. WashJeff.edu