WarPlanes.com – Aircraft And Navy Wood Models

WarPlanes.comTired of giving the same simple presents to your dad every year? Take a look at this site selling aircraft and ship hand-made wooden models to find some creative things to give as a present this Father’s Day. The site is very nicely designed, which in turn makes the quest for the perfect present a matter of a few clicks: you can explore the site by kind of model, namely aircraft, helicopters, ships, space shuttles, etc.

, and get to learn lots of fun and unexpected facts about them in the process, as when you are looking at the page for each model, you’ll get a detailed history of its design and how it came to being and why and when it was discontinued. The models date back to WWI, covering all the wars in which the US fought; I reckon it would be nice to be able to explore the site by specific war as well, as this will surely make things easier for shoppers who might not have a specific background on specific aircraft or ships. There is usually one adequately sized picture attached to the profile, though it is clear that a 3D recreation or 360º photos would be a great idea. I wonder if they can consider including some of these preview modalities in their site. Shopping is also made very easy, which in turn means that a large audience will feel comfortable shopping the site, regardless of whether they are veteran online shoppers or are only making their first purchase over the internet. WarPlanes.com