Wap.org – Apple And Macintosh Community

Wap.orgWap.org is the homepage for the Washington Apple Pi, a community of Apple and Macintosh users.

Most known as “the Pi”, Wap.org is a community of people with a common aim: to improve their knowledge and enjoyment of Macintosh computers and do it in a way that respects a member’s level of comfort with his or her machine. They approach that end through such things as social interaction, sharing, fun, cooperative activities, mentoring, and education. Washington Apple Pi is organized as a non-profit social club; as such, it is run by volunteers for the benefit of its members. It is they who produce the many resources this site has to offer: a magazine, host online forums and services, and ad-hoc groups to exchange information, experiences, and instruction. With over 25 years of experience on the internet, the community invites visitors to check the information they can access as guests, as well as to join them and share their knowledge and material. Wap.org