WaiFi.com – Looking Up WiFi Hotspots

WaiFi.comWe can define this site as WiFi hotspot finder. A map that spans the whole world is provided, and just by keying in the name of the country in question or (better still) the name of a city you are capable of launching a full search.

Additionally, if you know about a WiFi hotspot that is not currently included on the database you will be able to add it for the benefit of everybody. The process for adding one WiFi access point is quite direct, as you simply have to drag a marker around the map and then fill out a form that will be produced. This form has three fields: “Category”, “Location” and “Carrier”.

The ultimate aim of the site is to let anybody find a WiFi access point when he is far away from his workplace or his home. The way everything works in 9 out of 10 cases dictates that we are going to need one when we are in some place which is wholly unfamiliar to us. It’s Murphy’s Law. Sites like this one can save the day there and then.

WaiFi.com In Their Own Words

“At WaiFi.com, finding free hotspots is easy and free. When you are away from your office or home, it can be frustrating to find free WiFi access points that are reliable and secure. That’s why we created WaiFi.com.

Now there’s no excuse for not checking your e-mail!”

Why WaiFi.com It Might Be A Killer

Such a tool ensures you can be connected 24/7. Useful in emergencies.

Some Questions About WaiFi.com

Are new hotspots added frequently by the team, or are they only submitted by users? WaiFi.com