Vsccs.com – Machine Emboidery Designs

Vsccs.comIf you always prefer handcrafted things because they are unique and special, you may find this site interesting. Furthermore, if you like embroidery designs, this is the site for you.

At vsccs.com there are tons of counted cross stitch printed charts, as well as machine embroidery designs. On the bottom of the webpage there are diverse links, such as: printed charts, machine embroidery, sample designs, etc. Some of the machine embroidery designs are alphabets, angels, animals and living things, babies and children, bears, birds, cats, Christmas, dogs, fairies and fantasy, fruit and vegetable, etc. There are other themes as well, like Holidays, The Garden, The Orient, and Victorian, for instance. If you click on the items you like, you will see a better image and its price. The sample designs include: father time, hearts snowman, leprechaun snowman, Easter snowlady, gerbera Daisy snowlady, graduate snowman, cowboy snowman, and more. Vsccs.com