Vpc.org – The War Against Guns

Vpc.orgVpc.org is the official website of a national tax-exempt non-profit organization based in Washington, DC, called The Violence Policy Center.

The violence policy center strives to make the communities, and the country as a whole, recognize the risks of guns. It also works to stop the annual death toll suffered from gunfire through research, and education.
The site quotes, ´Guns and tobacco are the only two consumer products for which there is no federal health and safety oversight.´ The site has been combating for it to be recognized as a serious health threat to the country. The violence policy center is recognized by The National Riffle Association to be the most effective anti-gun campaigner in Washington. And it’s no wonder it has such high acclaim, since it has had a radical effect on Public Policies throughout its history. Outstanding records of such activity can be found in the ´about VPC´ section of the website. The site also contains various press releases, studies, and fact sheets on different issues concerning the community. You will find that Vpc.org is very informative on the war against guns, and perhaps you can also help contribute to the website online. Vpc.org