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Vitals.comThe introduction video to compares an online dating platform with the service offered by this page. It can also be compared to other web services such as a restaurant or book review site, where users can get recommendations based on users’ profiles and declared preferences.


Well, does this in the world of health insurance. It is a complete database of every doctor in the country where you as a patient can read reviews about them and see their rating. In this way you will be able to make a firm decision on which doctor you will choose for the treatment you need.

Each doctor’s rating is generated by considering four important points of view. The first ones of these are the reviews obtained by peers and awards given by professional boards are considered. In the second place, the rating for each doctor is formed by reviews given by patients. The third aspect considered for making a doctor’s rating is the factual information, which takes into account the doctor’s expertise and academic background. Lastly, the office information available is also taken into account.

This process is the one that will allow users to find the best doctor according to their needs. However, does not turn its back to the professionals themselves. If you happen to be one of them, you can help the website to ensure that the information about you is accurate and that is has nothing missing. You can also leave your own feedback to the reviews left by users, to enhance the information gathered about you by

If you are a user in search for the best doctor according to your illness, whether a serious or a mild one, you can make searches and narrow results by location or specialty. There is also a search engine available to find doctors by name, in case you already know who you want to set an appointment with. In Their Own Words

Vitals was created to give consumers the tools — for the first time — to make informed decisions about which doctor to choose. Our web site offers you a variety of ways to find a doctor that’s right for you.

Why It Might Be A Killer

The slogan at reads “where doctors are examined”. This is exactly the innovation of the site, by which you will gain the confidence you did not have before when going to the doctor.

Some Questions About

A substantial drawback I found in this service is that not all physicians’ profiles have Medical Insurance information; this means that there are several profiles that don’t mention whether they are providers or authorized practitioners for any given insurance company. Although you can get this information by other means, it doesn’t make much sense to have a one-stop shop that lacks this data. Can they ask all their profiled doctors to include clear information on this point?


Author : Caroline Bright

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