– Marine Electronics Products

Vexilar.comFirst established in the year 1960, Vexilar is a company that specializes in marine electronic products. Its website gives customers access to the items that make up the current catalog, arranged into different categories for easy reference.

These include “Products”, “Accessories” and “Wear”. The “Products” category includes both factory-new items and reconditioned products such as digital handheld depth sounders and color flashers, whereas the “Accessories” category consists of batteries, chargers and transducers. For its part, apparel such as caps, hats, shirts and jackets can be found under the corresponding heading. A search tool is likewise featured for additional convenience, and the most popular items within each category are prominently highlighted for shopping purposes. A dealer locator can be accessed by means of the “Extras” drop down menu, along with press resources and a newsletter. Lastly, comprehensive support is provided in the respective section, where tips, articles and video instruction can be procured.