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Vertor.comLooking up torrent files can never be an easy task for the simple fact that such a vast number of files available is bound to cause trouble. We all have downloaded more than one file that not only turned out not to be what we thought, but which also had some damaging effect on our computers.

It is not really surprising, then, that people would try and alleviate the situation one way or the other. The site we are reviewing right now does exactly that, as it is an search engine that makes for looking up torrent files that have been checked out and monitored beforehand by the Vertor team.

Such is the use and the aim of this online resource. It is obvious that people will cherish having a more reliable experience that dispenses with the alarms and surprises that downloading a torrent brings about from time to time. If you had had enough of downloading torrents for that reason, this site might just put them right back in the map for you. In Their Own Words

“Verified torrents.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a more ordered way of looking up torrent files on the WWW.

Some Questions About

How many torrents are checked out by the team per day?