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UseStealth.comSuppose you’re working and you need to search for some sites, and these are the kind of sites that for a reason or the other you just don’t want on your browsing history. What can you do to get there without anybody being able to trace your steps afterwards? You can delete all your cookies, have your history wiped away and use a tool like CCleaner. Or you can take the short way around, and use a service like Stealth instead.


Stealth is an anonymous search engine. It allows you to find any site that crosses your mind, without comprising your privacy in any way or the other. Unlike other search engines, when you click on a link produced by Stealth your browser and computer information is kept private, it isn’t sent to the site you’re visiting. And information like your interests, your family circumstances, your political leanings and your medical conditions (which other search engines can quickly figure out, use and store) is also kept in your possession only. No marketers, no government officials and no hackers could access it.

As a service, Stealth has got the great advantage of coming at a time in which online privacy is on everybody’s lips, what with Facebook being in the middle of a major redesign, and people becoming concerned (yet) again about how much of themselves they’re showing. Stealth can surely find a place in that debate, and be far more visible than it would be otherwise. In Their Own Words

Search the web anonymously!

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How does Stealth manage to do all that?


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